The range of Expansion Turbines is divided into six basic frame sizes. Sizes ‘A’ to ‘C’ inclusive cater for low flows and also for higher pressures whereas sizes ‘D’ to ‘F’ inclusive are for the higher flows at pressures up to 1Ø Bars(a).

The following table shows the approximate limitations on each turbine type:

Type Turbine Throughput Pressure
A 100 - 200 Nm3/hr 7 Bars (a)
B 800 Nm3/hr 50 Bars (a)
C 2000 Nm3/hr 20 Bars (a)
D 3000 Nm3/hr 10 Bars (a)
E 5000 Nm3/hr 10 Bars (a)
F 7000 Nm3/hr 10 Bars (a)

These figures are for guidance only and the factory should be consulted for actual detail.

The use of gas bearings enables the overall size and weight of the machine to be reduced to a minimum,decreasing thermal losses.

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